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VSMT Tackle Kit

VSMT Tackle Kit

VSMT Tackle Kit


This is a tackle kit included with Vernier Structures & Materials Testers. The Kit includes a 50 x 50 x 6 mm and a 50 x 80 x 6 mm aluminum load plate, chain, threaded rods, U-bolts, and other accessories to make it quick and easy to load bridges, materials, beams, and structures of varying sizes and shapes.


The Vernier Structures & Materials Testers ship with one VSMT Tackle Kit, but it may be useful to have a second set. When conducting bridge competitions, one student can prepare a bridge for testing while another performs the test on their bridge. This eliminates wasted time between tests and speeds up the bridge competition.

The Kit provides the means to quickly and easily position the load plates for both top and bottom loading of bridges, as well as U-bolts for applying loads to materials, beams, and structures of varying sizes and shapes.


The connecting threaded parts are ¼” diameter material and 20 threads per inch.

What's Included

  • One 50 x 50 x 6 mm loading plate
  • One 50 x 80 x 6 mm loading plate
  • One 12″ threaded rod
  • One 8″ threaded rod
  • Two welded eye bolts
  • Two threaded quick links
  • One coupling nut
  • One large U-bolt
  • One small U-bolt
  • One 6.5″ chain



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