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Visible Range (VIS-NIR) Spectrophotometers

Compare Visible Range (VIS-NIR) Spectrophotometers

Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer Vernier Spectrometer
Wavelength Range 380–900 nm 380–950 nm
Fluorescence Capabilities Excitation at 405 nm and 500 nm None
Wavelength Accuracy1 ±4.0 nm ±2.0 nm
Photometric Accuracy2 ±10% ±5%
Optical Resolution3 5.0 nm 3.0 nm
Bulb Life 8,000 hours (incandescent) 2,000 hours (tungsten)
Warranty 5 year warranty (3 years on light source) 3 year warranty (1 year on light source)
Price $399 $1,799
  1. Wavelength accuracy as determined with holmium oxide NIST standards.
  2. Photometric accuracy as determined with nickel sulfate standards; between 0.1–1.0 AU
  3. Optical resolution as determined with the designated spectral peak FWHM of Hydrogen

Visible Range Spectrophotometer Comparison Graphs

Five identical tests were run to illustrate the quality of data you can expect from each device. The graphs below are intended to help you decide which spectrometer best fits your needs. They provide performance comparisons of Vernier Go Direct SpectroVis Plus and Vernier Spectrometer.

Why don’t all of my spectrometers and/or Colorimeters read the same absorbance value for the same sample?

Beer’s Law Analysis of NiSO4 at 654 nm

SpectroVis Plus
Vernier Spectrometer

Comparing Nickel Sulfate Absorbance Spectra

SpectroVis Plus
Vernier Spectrometer

Comparing Chlorophyll Absorbance Spectra

SpectroVis Plus
Vernier Spectrometer

Comparing Helium Emissions

SpectroVis Plus
Vernier Spectrometer

Comparing Hydrogen Emissions

The emission line graphs for hydrogen gas have been prepared by overlaying two data collection runs. One run was set to capture the 656 nm peak without saturation, and other was set at a longer sample time in order to capture the emission lines near 434 nm and 410 nm.

Go Direct SpectroVis Plus
Vernier Spectrometer
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