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Welcome to the Vernier Solar Power Dashboard

In December of 2006, we installed 68, 208-watt Sharp photovoltaic panels on our roof, totaling 14,144 watts. They are arranged in three arrays of 22 (East), 24 (Center), and 22 (West) panels. Each of these arrays drives a PV Powered 4600 inverter, feeding a 3-phase sub panel. This system produced over 15,000 kWh of electrical energy in 2007.

In January 2008, we added 60, 60-watt Kaneka amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic panels (Front). This brings our total rated output to 17,744 watts. We produced 19,500 kWh of electricity in 2008. Production has remained over 16,000 kWh every year with an average of about 18,500 kWh. In our best months, they provided over 2,500 kWh.

Solar Power Activities with Vernier

For ideas on investigating solar power production, including background information, instructions on how to use our solar dashboard, and inquiry questions, download Solar Information and Activities

Also consider our KidWind products for solar energy investigations.

Solar Energy Production

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