If you have not started with the Getting Started guide, please follow the steps here: https://vernierst.github.io/godirect-examples/python/. The following troubleshooting tips should help resolve communication issues between Go Direct sensors and Python on Raspberry Pi.

To get the Go Direct sensors connected via USB, you may need to upgrade pexpect with the following command:
pip3 install -U pexpect

godirect-py has been updated (as of 1.0.6) to work with native BLE on Windows and Linux (including RPi). To get it running run the normal pypi install command:
pip3 install godirect

If it isn’t working after this, upgrade all of the OS and several behind the scenes packages. This can be time-intensive, so we only recommend doing it if the other steps haven’t resolved the connection issues. The commands are:
sudo apt update
followed by:
sudo apt full-upgrade

The process is detailed here if you need additional assistance:

You may also find that upgrading to the latest version of bluez may resolve any issues with Bluetooth connectivity. Refer to this help article for upgrading bluez.

Can I use Vernier Go Direct sensors with Raspberry Pi?