– Always quit the data collection program gracefully before removing the LabPro from the computer or calculator. When the program quits, it turns LabPro off. If you do not do this and you just disconnect the cords and put the LabPro away, it will still be collecting data and you are sure to have dead batteries when you use it next.
– Another way to make sure the LabPro is off is to disconnect all LabPro cords, then press and hold “Start/Stop” on the LabPro for about 5 seconds. You will see the LabPro LEDs flash and hear a beep. This indicates that the LabPro is off.
– Simply remove one or more batteries from the LabPro before storing it.
– Placing a 1cm X 3cm piece of card stock between the positive pole of one of the batteries and the connecting pole also serves as a means of prolonging battery life while device is not in use.

If you have a very old version of LabPro (pre 2002):
The new version of the LabPro’s operating system will increase battery life by as much as 30%. This updater is a free download at:


If you are using LabPro with calculators at all, we HIGHLY recommend this update as the new OS also includes a much faster version of our DATAMATE program for calculators.