You cannot use MPLI for Windows program with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Vista. These newer versions of Windows have severe limits on the ability to access memory locations in the computer. This is part of the design, for security.

If you can run the computers in Windows 98, there might be some hope, although we are getting more and more reports that MPLI will not work on new fast computers.

In general, the best way to move to a new system is to keep all of your sensors and get a new interface and software. The interface would most likely be either our LabPro our LabQuest interfaces. In general, older sensors from MPLIs can be used with new interfaces using an adapter that costs $5. The new software would be Logger Pro® 3 (LP), which is updated regularly to support new operating systems.

For a complete guide to which adapters are needed for which sensors, please use our online adapter picker at:

If you prefer to view the list of adapters as a chart, please visit:

I have summarized the MPLI adapters below:


For any sensor that has a 5-pin DIN connector, you can use a (DIN-NTA, discontinued) for connecting a sensor with a DIN plug to a BTA socket.

For MPLI microphone that have an 8-pin DIN connector, use adapter CBL Adapter for MPLI Mic. (CBL-8MC, discontinued) to connect to a new interface.


MPLI Motion Detector with no pivoting head needs CBL Adapter for MPLI MD (CBL-8MD, discontinued) to connect to a new interface.
MPLI Motion Detectors with a pivoting head requires Digital Sensor Cable (MDC-BTD) to connect to a new interface.