A macro or shortcut for the F11 key on your machine will prevent Logger Pro 3 from starting and stopping the data collection using that key, because the computer OS will intercept the keypress and Logger Pro will never get the information.

Note that in Macintosh OSX 10.3 or 10.4 the F11 key can be reserved for Expose’, which will interfere with the data collection hot key. Expose’ does allow you to change from F11 to another key, which will again allow Logger Pro to use F11.

If you have Logger Pro 3.3 or newer, the keyboard triggering feature (see Data Collection/Triggering tab) will allow you to set up data collection, then initiate it with hitting any key on the keyboard.

Logger Pro 3.4 or newer also features space-bar collection. As long as there is no object on the screen where a space character is legal input (such as a text object) then pressing the space bar will start or stop data collection.