The best layout of graphs for the screen (as in Logger Pro) is a little different from the optimal layout for importing into a word processor for a report. Here are some ideas for improving the appearance of graphs pasted into your word processor documents:

1) Published graphs almost never have grid lines. Turn them all off in the Graph Options dialog. This will streamline the graph considerably.
2) Published graphs are never square. They generally have a 4:3 or 5:3 (horizontal:vertical) aspect ratio. Size your graph in Logger Pro accordingly.
3) Published graphs rarely are very large, unless they have many traces. Resize the graph in LP so that the image will be smaller when pasted. This will also make the axis labels proportionally larger, making for a more pleasing appearance on paper.
4) Published graphs almost never have titles. They have captions. Copy the graph into your word processor, and add caption text below the graph in the word processor environment.

What are good practices for creating Logger Pro files for distribution?