Here are some things to try if you are having trouble getting your LabQuest 3 to send an email. The information below assumes that your LabQuest is connected to a Wi-Fi network that has internet connectivity.

Reset Email Configuration

  1. From the Settings screen select Update. If there is an update available, apply it then start over.
  2. Tap the Options button (with the three-line hamburger icon located near the upper right-hand corner of the screen), and choose Reset settings.
  3. Check the Email configuration box, then select Reset.  This will remove any email setup you have.

Verify the Date and Time are Set Correctly

  1. From the Settings screen, choose Time and Date.
  2. If necessary, uncheck Adjust Time Automatically and manually set the correct date, time, and timezone.

Set up Email

  1. From the Settings screen, select Connections.
  2. Tap the Email icon in the lower right corner of the app.
  3. Make sure email is set to ON. No other configuration is needed to use the Vernier-supplied mail service.
  4. Tap Close and exit the Connection app.

Try Sending an Email

  1. From the LabQuest App, choose Email and select the Screenshot option.
  2. In the To: field type your email address.
  3. (Optional) In the CC: field, type a second email (someone not on your same network if possible)
  4. Choose Send

Check your email to see if anything sent. If not, check your SPAM and Junk Mail folders in case the email was blocked. If you still don’t see an email, check with the person you copied to see if they received it. If they get it but you do not, it is possible that your network or email provider is blocking email from

If neither of you receive the email, connect your LabQuest to a different network (e.g., a cell phone acting as a hot spot) and try sending again. It is possible the network you are using is blocking the emails from being sent. If a different network is not an option or if you continue to have difficulties, use the option to save files to a USB flash drive then email the files from your computer.
Is there a way to get the files a LabQuest sends via email directly from the LabQuest?