The Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct® Sensor Carts (DTS-GDX) is our most popular package of carts, track, and accessories. It comes in two parts:

Track and leveling feel (Combination Track/Optics Bench (TRACK))
Carts and accessories (collectively given the order code DTS-GDX-KIT)

If you already have tracks, you can purchase just the Dynamics Cart Systems without Tracks (DTS-KIT-GDX) package separately. The package includes:

Go Direct Green Sensor Cart (GDX-CART-G)
Go Direct Yellow Sensor Cart (GDX-CART-Y)
Go Direct® Sensor Cart Accessory Kit (GDX-CART-AK)
Ultra Pulley Attachment (SPA)
Pulley Bracket (B-SPA)*
Rod Clamp (RC-VDS)
Adjustable End Stop (AS-VDS)*

*Note: the Pulley Bracket and Adjustable End Stop do not fit the Pasco tracks. They all rely on the central groove in the Vernier Combination Track/Optics Bench.

Add Go Direct Cart and Track System without Tracks to your cart