Graphical Analysis and Vernier Video Analysis sometimes require access to certain domains on the internet in order to authenticate licenses, download sample files, and to share sensor data between copies of Graphical Analysis using Data Sharing.

If an IT system only provides access to allow-listed domains, the following domains must be allow-listed for the full function of these applications. Both applications will run offline, but authentication, remote sample files, and data sharing will be unavailable.

Vernier Video Analysis

Graphical Analysis

Note that in the case of the main app landing domains ( and we sometimes use multiple sub-domains and are likely to increase such usage. As a result a wildcard whitelist would be most future-proof.

Spectral Analysis and Instrumental Analysis apps do not require access at this time.

Graphical Analysis, Spectral Analysis and Instrumental analysis all use
to check for updates.

Ports 80 and 443 are needed.