This photogate supports auto-ID

Vernier Photogate (VPG-BTD)

The Vernier Photogate (shipped since mid-June 2003) has the necessary technology for auto-ID. It can most easily be identified by the white BTD port on the arm of the photogate. (The port is used for daisy-chaining two photogates together.) If your wired photogate does not have this extra port, it cannot auto-ID.
NOTE: Sensors that do not auto-ID cannot be used with Vernier Graphical Analysis.

Check the Cable
If you have a sensor that should auto-ID but is not, check the cable. Using the wrong cable can prevent a photogate from working as expected. The correct cable for this photogate is BT Photogate Cable (PG-BTD).

  • The cable should have an RJ-11 (US phone-style) connector going into the gate head and a flat white BTD connector going into the DIG/SONIC port on the interface.
    • Cables that have a flat white BTD connector on both ends only work with Motion Detectors.
  • Make sure your cable has six conductors instead of four.
    • The BT Photogate Cable (PG-BTD) that comes with the Vernier Photogate has a clear plastic, 6P6C (6 position, 6 conductor) telephone-style connector at the photogate end.
    • Between 2000 and 2003, photogates shipped with a 4P4C (4 position, 4 conductor) connector that looks much like the cable that comes with the newer photogates. This cable lacks the necessary connection to support auto-ID when used with a newer photogate.
    • The four-conductor cable can be used on a photogate with Logger Pro and LabQuest App but NOT with Graphical Analysis.
  • Swap cables with a working photogate to check for a bad cable.
    • If you have the correct photogate and cable but still cannot get the sensor to auto-ID, your photogate may need repair. Contact for additional assistance.

Older photogates do not support auto-ID

Vernier photogates shipped before mid-June 2003 were made before the auto-ID feature was implemented. These photogates, and photogates made by other companies, cannot auto-ID in Vernier software even if they have the correct photogate cable.

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