Yes, we have created stand-alone apps from Python programs using pyinstaller. Install pyinstaller using pip with the following terminal command:

pip3 install pyinstaller

Locate the file you want to make into an app (make sure it is working with Idle; remember the gdx folder has to be there.)
Change to the directory where the program to be converted resides. This will probably require the use of these terminal commands:

cd to add to the location remember you can check what is in the directory by using
ls list (short) directory contentsls-
l s-l list (long) directory contents
ls -a list including hidden files
cd ~ Home directory
cd/ root of drive
pwd path of working directory
. current folder
.. parent directory

Run the Terminal comment to make the Python program into a single file: Use this format: (this is for the file

pyinstaller –onefile

The file will be the Dist folder, which is in the same folder as the original Python program. The executable will have the same name, but no extension.

Coding with Vernier Sensors and Python - Troubleshooting and FAQs