In most cases, the Stainless Steel Temperature Probe will never need to be calibrated. It is calibrated extremely well before it ships. However, if the need arises to calibrate the sensor, and you are using Logger Pro 3.3 or newer, the sensor can be custom-calibrated. Note this can only be done on computers, and can not be done from our other software (calculators, LabQuest App, etc.)

The process of calibrating a stainless steel temperature probes connected to LabPro and Logger Pro is different than the process for most other sensors. One reason is that this probe uses a thermistor, which has a non-linear response and you need to calibrate it at three different temperatures.

You will need three containers of water at three different temperatures and a thermometer.

Choose Experiment/Calibrate and then choose the Stainless Steel Temperature Probe. Choose Calibrate Now. For each of the three water baths, place the TMP sensor in the bath with the temperature probe. Allow both readings to stabilize, click Keep, and enter the temperature reading measured by the thermometer.

After you calibrate, if you want the calibration to be saved with the file, for later use, you need to do two things:

– Go to the calibration dialog box and choose Calibration Storage from the pull down menu. Then set the Calibration Retrieval Preference to Experiment file.

– Save the Experiment file.

After this, when you open that experiment file, the calibration stored with the experiment file will be used, instead of the normal calibration stored on the computer for this probe.