The Centripetal Force Apparatus Moment of Inertia Accessory Kit (CFA-MIK) comes with a bracket and Ultra Pulley to apply a torque to the shaft of the Go Direct® Centripetal Force System (GDX-CFA) via the three-step pulley on the shaft. The bracket is designed so that the Ultra Pulley is aligned with the left edge of the appropriate level of the three-step pulley.

Here are the instructions for connecting the pulley and setting the system up for moment of inertia experiments:

1.  Mount the pulley bracket with the provided thumb screws to the base of Go Direct Centripetal Force Apparatus.

2.  Attach the Ultra Pulley with the provided thumb screw and align it to the desired level of the three-step pulley.

3.  Remove the beam and slide Go Direct Force and Acceleration onto the shaft so that it rests on the spring clip.

4.  Attach the desired disk or hoop.

5.  Attach string and mass (50 g is recommended, not included) to the three-step pulley.

Ultra Pulley attached to Go Direct CFA for Moment of Inertia activity