The Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitors sold before 2016 (with no snap-on Polar module) are powered by a CR 2025 3V coin cell battery that is located at the end of one of the hand grips. These batteries are readily available in grocery stores or online and can easily be replaced when needed.

To replace a dead battery, locate the hand grip with a groove at one end. Use a coin to unscrew the battery cover. Rotating counter-clockwise will loosen the battery cover. Remove the battery cover and observe that the battery position. You should see a plus sign as you look down at the battery. Gently press up on the metal tab. This will release the battery. Replace the battery making sure you can can see the plus sign after you place the new battery in the hand grip. Screw the battery cover back in place.

Watch the video:

Changing the battery on the pre-2016 Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor