There is a LabPro, LabQuest Mini, original LabQuest, and LabQuest Stream USB interface driver only installer for Windows.

This installer will install the latest version of the driver. Note that the current version of the Logger Pro or Logger Lite installer uses the same driver. If you are using Logger Pro or Logger Lite, it is generally safer to run the latest version of the that installer rather then put just the driver in place.

Most users will not need this. You may need this if:
1) you are running Logger Pro version 3.11-3.14.0 and installed those versions after Aug 20th, 2017 Logger Pro installer warns that Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software.
2) you have installed Logger Pro to a network location, which does not install the USB drivers to a local machine, and so interface does not work by USB. Run this installer on each local client machine.
3) you are using the interface with LabView, and have not installed Logger Pro.
4) you have custom software and need to talk to the interface via USB.

Silently installing these drivers:
If you are trying to run this installer silently you will need to pre-load a certificate that says you trust us before you run the MSI. That is done with the command:
certutil -addstore “TrustedPublisher” CERTFILE.cer
To get the CERTFILE.cer, open the MSI with 7zip, and then find the file and open it with 7zip and extract one of the cat files, (it doesn’t matter which one.) Open that cat file, choose “view signature”, “view certificate”, go to “details”, and then “copy to file”.
Also note on Windows 7 you need to install KB2921916 before you can run certutil on SHA256 certs, see Issues with the silent installer with Logger Pro on Windows 7

Instead of silently installing the drivers, it is generally easier to just silently install Logger Pro completely: How can I install Logger Pro on several computers? Is there an MSI file or a silent installer?