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Where do I get replacement lamps for the Vernier Circuit Board (VCB)?

There are two different lamps provided with our Vernier Circuit Board 2, order code VCB2, $129. The Vernier Circuit Board 2 comes with 5 cylindrical bulbs (#48), 2.0 V, 60 mA. It also comes with 5 round bulbs, (#50), 7.5 V, 220 mA.
These two types of light bulbs are the same bulbs that came with our original Vernier Circuit Board, order code VCB.

We sell replacement lamps, Replacement Lamps for Vernier Circuit Board, order code VCB-BULB, $12, which includes 10 of each type of light bulb.

The #50 lamp is commonly available online. We have found the following sources:

The #48 bulb is not commonly available and is therefore typically more expensive to purchase from other sources.

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