This is a Windows-only issue.

If QuickTime is installed, but broken, Logger Pro or Logger Lite may launch but crash after drawing the graph and data table. You will then see an error message offering to send info to Microsoft.

Some older versions of Logger Pro will crash before drawing the graph and data table.

First try running the QuickTime updater to see if this resolves the problem. This is a free download from:

Other possibilities to check:
-There’s something called QuickTime Alternative that can break QuickTime. If this is installed, remove it and install QuickTime.

-If the file menus.xml, found in the Support folder inside the Logger Pro 3 folder, is missing, the same crash on launch will occur.

If none of the above work, the most likely solution is to do a clean installation of QuickTime, including all components. Before following the steps below, we recommend that you set a system restore point. This option is available in Windows XP under:

Accessories -> System Tools – > System Restore -> Set Restore Point

This is a good thing to do before installing system-related hardware or software. If things go awry, a restore point makes it easier to return your system to the way it was before you updated.

To do clean install of QuickTime, follow these steps:

1. Quit any programs that are running.
2. On the Start menu, click Control Panel.
3. In Control Panel, open Add or Remove Programs.
4. Select QuickTime from the list of currently installed
programs, then click Remove.
5. Restart the computer.
6. After the computer restarts, open:
7. Right-click the QuickTime folder and select Delete.
8. Open the folder located at:
9. Delete the QuickTime and QuicktimeVR files.
10. Right-click on the Recycle Bin and on the shortcut menu, click Empty Recycle Bin.
11. Restart the computer.
12. Install the latest version of QuickTime from:
13. Reinstall Logger Pro.