Logger Pro and Graphical Analysis versions before 3.4 can fail to import from TI-84 and 89 calculators using the USB Direct cable for several reasons,listed below.

Note that Graphical Analysis 3.8.4 does not support importing from TI calculators.

1) The version of Logger Pro you are using does not support the 84 and 89. Only versions 3.4 and newer of these programs can import using the USB Direct cable. Update to the current version.

2) The windows USB driver for the cable is not installed properly due to the cable being connected before the software (LP or TI Connect) was installed. In this case, go to the Windows Device Manager and find the calculator. It appears as a “other devices” type device with a question mark and it says “TI-84 Plus” with a yellow explanation point. Right-click on the item, and choose Uninstall. Unplug the calculator. Reconnect the calculator. Drivers will now be installed correctly, but note the next point.

3) The user did not allow the driver to be installed when Windows offers the Hardware Wizard. The Wizard is confusing, and the default is sometimes to NOT install the driver. Follow the steps below to properly install the device.

* Log on to the computer as a user with administrative privileges. Be sure that the USB cable and TI calculator are not connected to the computer.

* Install the application (Logger Pro, TI Connect) if it is not already installed.

* Connect the USB cable and the TI calculator to the computer.

* If a ‘Found New Hardware Wizard’ dialog appears after a few seconds, skip to the next step, otherwise, right-click the My Computer icon on your Desktop and choose Properties, then click the Hardware tab of the System Properties dialog box. Click the Device Manager button to reveal a list of devices. Scroll down to the Universal Serial Bus controllers section and locate right-click on the driver (it will be labeled as either the calculator type or SilverLink) and choose Uninstall. Now disconnect the cable from the computer, wait for a few seconds and reconnect the cable to the computer. A ‘Found New Hardware Wizard’ dialog should appear.

* Check the radio button labeled ‘No, not this time’ and click Next. (This step regarding searching for drivers at Windows Update may be suppressed by user settings in Windows.)

* Check the radio button labeled ‘Install the software automatically’ and click Next. The computer will search for the appropriate files.

* If more than one file appears, select the file named ‘tiehdx.inf’ or ‘tiehdusb.inf’ (for the Direct USB cable) or ‘SilvrLnk.inf’ (for the Silver Graph Link cable) and click Next.

* IMPORTANT: If you see a ‘Hardware Installation’ message that the driver has not passed Windows Logo testing, click the Continue Anyway button.

* Click the Finish button to complete the installation. This is also a good time to connect the USB cable and calculator to each of the other USB ports on the computer to be sure that the New Hardware Wizard will not appear again.