Our TCA-BTA and GDX-TC thermocouples use a type-K thermocouple wire. We sell a replacement wire for use on these thermocouples as Type-K Thermocouple Wire (KWIRE-TCA). The wire is about 50 cm long.

Note that this is only for our newer, “cold junction compensated” thermocouples. These newer thermocouple units have slots labelled “+” and “-” on one end of the box, where a connector with the thermocouple wire attached plugs in. The KWIRE-TCA replacement wire connects there.

If you have older Vernier thermocouples with two banana plugs on them and thermocouple wire attaches to the banana plugs. Part number KWIRE-TCA will not work on these older thermocouples. Contact us if you need replacement wire for these older devices.