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How effective is the bacterial filter for the spirometer? Can I sterilize the flow head?

The spirometer filter that we use is manufactured by Microgard. It is designed to capture 99% of all aerosolized bacterial and viral pathogens. It is the same type of filter used in hospitals by respiratory technicians.

The PDF below is the specifications sheet released by Microgard for this filter.

If you are concerned about the spreading of pathogens, refer the section of the probe booklet that discusses cleaning/sterilizing the spirometer flow head. The information is also listed below.

The manufacturer recommends three methods, in the following order, with which to sterilize the Flow Head.
1. Wash the detachable Flow Head in a dishwasher. It is dishwasher safe. This method provides the longest life for the Flow Head and is the method most recommended by the manufacturer.
2. Cold sterilize the Flow Head with a surface disinfectant such as Cidex® or Technical Tincture of Green Soap®. These are available from medical supply or janitorial supply companies.
3. Autoclave the Flow Head. This method provides the shortest life span for the Flow Head.
We recommend that you sterilize the Flow Head using one of these methods after each school day, at the very least, and that you always use the Spirometer with a disposable mouthpiece.
The nose clips should be wiped clean between uses and soaked in a mild detergent after each experiment.

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-Disposable Bacterial Filter (pkg of 10), order code SPR-FIL (pkg. of 10)
-Disposable Mouthpiece (pkg of 30), order code SPR-MP (pkg. of 30)
-Noseclip (pkg of 10), order code SPR-NOSE (pkg. of 10)
-Spirometer Flow Head, order code SPR-FLOW, $60

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