This issue has been resolved.

To address this issue, update your LabQuest 2 to version 2.9.0 or newer.
LabQuest 2 Updates

This information applied to LabQuest 2 only. LabQuest 3 was unaffected.

Due to global parts shortages, some Go Direct sensors were built with different Bluetooth radios that were found to be incompatible with LabQuest 2 units running software version 2.8.9 or older. Affected sensors could not connect to LabQuest 2 via Bluetooth wireless technology. This issue has been resolved with a LabQuest 2 software update (version 2.9.0 or newer).

NOTE: LabQuest 2 units made before August 2013 have a Bluetooth radio that does not work with Go Direct sensors via wireless connection. This hardware issue cannot be resolved with an software update.
For more info, see: How do I know if my LabQuest will work with Go Direct Sensors and Go Wireless devices?

More about this issue…
The Go Direct sensors that were known to have this problem are listed below and can be identified by the first three characters of their serial number. However, this was not an exhaustive list; any Go Direct product purchased after Fall 2022 may have had this issue.

  • Go Direct Blood Pressure (GDX-BP): Serial Number: 144XXXXX
  • Go Direct CO2 Gas (GDX-CO2): Serial Number: 0Q4XXXXX
  • Go Direct Colorimeter (GDX-COL): Serial Number 023XXXXX
  • Go Direct Conductivity (GDX-CON): Serial Number: 033XXXXX
  • Go Direct Current (GDX-CUR): Serial Number: 0I4XXXXX
  • Go Direct Drop Counter (GDX-DC): Serial Number: 054XXXXX
  • Go Direct EKG (GDX-EKG): Serial Number: 0U4XXXXX
  • Go Direct Electrode Amplifier (GDX-EA): Serial Number: 064XXXXX
    (this amplifier is also used in the products below)
    • Go Direct Glass-Body pH (GDX-GPH)
    • Go Direct ORP (GDX-ORP)
    • Go Direct pH (GDX-PH)
    • Go Direct Tris-Compatible pH (GDX-FPH)
  • Go Direct Energy (GDX-NRG): Serial Number: 0S4XXXXX
  • Go Direct Force and Acceleration (GDX-FOR):  Serial Number: 075XXXXX
  • Go Direct Gas Pressure (GDX-GP): Serial Number: 084XXXXX
  • Go Direct Hand Dynamometer (GDX-HD): Serial Number: 154XXXXX
  • Go Direct Light and Color (GDX-LC): Serial Number: 097XXXXX
  • Go Direct Magnetic Field (GDX-3MG): Serial Number: 013XXXXX
  • Go Direct Motion Detector (GDX-MD): Serial Number: 0B2XXXXX
  • Go Direct O2 Gas (GDX-O2): Serial Number: 0R4XXXXX
  • Go Direct Optical Dissolved Oxygen (GDX-ODO): Serial Number: 0N3XXXXX
  • Go Direct PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) (GDX-PAR): All Sensors
  • Go Direct Photogate (GDX-VPG): Serial Number: 0J2XXXXX
  • Go Direct Pyranometer (GDX-PYR): All Sensors
  • Go Direct Radiation (GDX-RAD): Serial Number: 0C3XXXXX
  • Go Direct Respiration Belt (GDX-RB): Serial Number: 0K5XXXXX
  • Go Direct Sensor Cart – Green (GDX-CART-G): Serial Number: 0V4XXXXX
  • Go Direct Sensor Cart – Yellow (GDX-CART-Y): Serial Number: 0D4XXXXX
  • Go Direct Sound (GDX-SND): Serial Number: 0T3XXXXX
  • Go Direct Spirometer (GDX-SPR): Serial Number: 114XXXXX
  • Go Direct Surface Temperature (GDX-ST): Serial Number: 0P2XXXXX
  • Go Direct Temperature (GDX-TMP): Serial Number: 0F3XXXXX
  • Go Direct Voltage (GDX-VOLT): Serial Number: 0G5XXXXX