The Rod Clamp (RC-VDS) was designed to connect a Combination Track/Optics Bench (TRACK) to a ring stand. With one end of the track supported by the ring stand, it is easy to create a ramp or incline for motion experiments.

The video below shows how to use the Rod Clamp with a Vernier dynamics Track.

Some tips:

  • Depending on how tall the ring stand is, it may be easiest to slide the Rod Clamp onto the ring stand first (as in the video).
  • The Rod Clamp attaches to the side channel of the dynamics track.
  • Position the ring stand base under the track, to make the setup more stable.

With a bit of foresight, you can simplify the process of calculating the angle the track.

  1. Remove both sets of Adjustable Two Foot Leveler (AL-VDS) from the track.
  2. Rest the “zero” end of the track on the table top, and attach the other end to the Rod Clamp/ring stand.
  3. Choose a position along the track (x) in the diagram below.
  4. Use a ruler or meter stick to measure the height of the bottom edge of the track (h) at that position.

The position x, as measured by the ruler on the track, is the hypotenuse formed by the track, table top, and ring stand. Likewise, the height h measured by the ruler or meter stick is the side opposite the angle or the track. Some simple trigonometry will yield the angle of incline.

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