Web VPython (formerly known as Glowscript) can be accessed on a Chrome web browser at https://webvpython.org/ (or https://www.glowscript.org/). You will need to create an account in order to program using this app, however this is easily accomplished without collecting any [student] data. It is web-based, which eliminates the challenge that installing Python can present.

Vernier Go Direct sensors can be incorporated into your Web VPython by including this line of code at the beginning of your program:

Web VPython 3.2

We have a “Getting Started” guide along with links to example programs at https://github.com/VernierST/godirect-examples/tree/main/web_vpython

You can access our example programs at
If you wish to modify these examples, you will need to copy the contents into a program on your own Web VPython account.

Coding with Vernier Sensors and Python - Troubleshooting and FAQs