In the Summer 2007, we standardized the experiment numbers across the computer, calculator, LabQuest, and Palm versions of the labs and renamed the books from “… with Computers or Palm” to “… with Vernier.”* In Logger Pro 3.6 and newer, the files in the experiment folders are organized based on the “… with Vernier” books. For example, in Logger Pro 3.6 and newer, you will find “Physics with Vernier” folder instead of a “Physics with Computers” folder.

As a result, the experiment file numbers in Logger Pro 3.5 and earlier do not match up with the new books and the Logger Pro 3.6 and newer files do not match the old versions of the book. Also, if you are using LabQuest and have older versions of the books, the numbers will not match the lab instructions embedded in LabQuest.

If you have an older version of the book and want the new edition, contact us and we can send you a CD upgrade at no charge. If you need a new printed copy, it can be purchased as Physics with Vernier (PWV). To see a complete list of our curriculum, visit

The following experiments are new to Physics with Vernier:
03 Cart on a Ramp
20 Centripetal Acceleration
21 Real World Accelerations

The following experiments used to be in Physics with Computers but have been discontinued:
03 Modern Galileo
18 Work and Energy

The following physics experiments have been renumbered:

New experiment number Title Old experiment number
18 Momentum and Energy 19
19 Impulse and Momentum 20
22 Ohm’s Law 25
23 Series and Parallel Circuits 26
24 Capacitors 27
25 Magnetic Field in a Coil 28
26 Magnetic Field in a Slinky 29
27 Electrical Energy 30
28 Polarization of Light 31
29 Light, Brightness and Distance 32
30 Newton’s Law of Cooling 33
31 Magnetic Field of a Permanent Magnet 34
32 Sound Waves and Beats 21
33 Speed of Sound 24
34 Tones, Vowels, and Telephones 22
35 Mathematics of Music 23

*Note: The physics computer version includes two additional experiments that do not appear in the other versions of the book. These are 34 Tones, Vowels, and Telephones and 35 Mathematics of Music.