The LabQuest and LabQuest2 screen is at least as durable as that of a PDA or cell phone, but some users may want to add another layer of protection.

One screen protector available that fits the LabQuest well is from Nushield,

NU016M size fits original LabQuest and
NU379E size fits LabQuest2

The simplest way to find it on their web site is to go to:
and select the part number from the (very long) drop-down list.

Note that the whole point of a screen protector is to have a sacrificial surface. If something sharp hits the screen, the plastic protector surface may still be gouged, but the plastic sheet can then be replaced.

Since the Nushield is not glued to the screen, it is possible that splashed water or chemicals could get under the screen protector. If so, the protector should be removed and the screen dried before reinstalling the plastic sheet.