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Optimizing LabQuest battery life

LabQuest's battery will last a full school day, or 6 hours. We have tested a Temperature Probe for 8 hours of continuous monitoring, and it works great. However, some sensors need more power than others. For example, Motion Detectors draw a lot more current than other sensors. Also, using multiple sensors at once may use up the battery more quickly.

Some ways to optimize battery life:

  1. Turn off the LabQuest when it is not in use, especially between classes. In addition to conserving energy, this will also make sure that experiments started later in the day will start cleanly and without data left over from earlier groups.
  2. If you are not actively monitoring readings, tap the Graph tab or display some screen other than the Meter screen. Leaving the unit on the Meter screen drains batteries more than anything else because the software is actively scanning for new sensors.
  3. Disconnect any sensors you are not actively using.
  4. Set the screen brightness to the minimum acceptable level. To do this, choose Light & Power from the Control Panel, and change the brightness level from 75% to 25-50%. You can also change the "Dim if display idle" option from 5 min to 1 min.
  5. Charge the LabQuest overnight before use to start the day with a full charge.
  6. Turn off (LabQuest 2) or unplug (original LabQuest) GPS and WiFi. Note that WiFi/GPS are still using power even if you are not connected or within range of a network. To improve battery life, uncheck "enabled" in the network configuration dialog (LabQuest 2) or physically disconnect the adapter (original LabQuest).
  7. Exposure to temperatures over 35°C will significantly reduce battery life. For example, leaving a LabQuest in a hot car all day will reduce the battery life. This is the most common reason for premature battery failure.

Other power-management optimizations will be added to later firmware releases (e.g., sensors power down between readings). If you would like to receive a message when software updates are available, you can sign up for our e-mail list:

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