Yes. LabQuest is capable of putting out an analog output signal to the audio out connector (miniature stereo phone plug, located on the left side of LabQuest). The current driving capability is low, so to do some experiments you will need to use our Power Amplifier (PAMP) to increase the current.

In LabQuest App 1.2 and newer, there are two applications that can be used to control analog output on LabQuest:

Audio Function Generator

Power Amplifier
This application is meant to control the output from our Power Amplifier unit (PAMP) connected to the audio out connector of the LabQuest. The frequency and waveform can be controlled, or you can set a DC voltage level. The AC frequency range is 0.25 to 10,000 Hz.

If there isn’t anything connected to the audio out connector, the analog out will be sent to the speakers built into the LabQuest.

Note: If you are using LabQuest connected to a computer, the analog output from a LabQuest can be controlled using Logger Pro version 3.8 or newer.

Differences between LabQuest and LabPro
There are several differences between LabQuest and LabPro regarding analog output:

– On LabQuest, the analog output signal comes from the audio out connector. On LabPro, the analog output signal comes from the CH4 BTA connector.

– LabQuest has a much wider range of frequencies, 0.25 to 10,000 Hz. LabPro is limited to a maximum of 166 Hz. This limits its use to mostly mechanical experiment such as vibrating strings and springs and low frequency signals used with lamps to show resistance change. LabQuest allows you to do sound experiments and RLC electronic circuit experiments, which require much higher frequencies.

– LabPro can supply 100 mA of current, so most experiments can be done with the LabPro without using the Power Amplifier. The current driving capability of LabQuest is low, so to do experiments other than producing sound, you will need our Power Amplifier to provide more current.

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If you do not have LabQuest App 1.2 or newer, the latest release of the LabQuest App is available as a free download at: