This is a Windows-only issue. This issue only applies to versions of Logger Pro 3.8.3 and below.

QuickTime is used for the Video Analysis features in Logger Pro. As such, Logger Pro on Windows will launch an installer for QuickTime by default.

Sometimes Apple releases a newer version of QuickTime after we release our software. If the target computer has a newer version of QuickTime than the QuickTime version included with our software, our installer will warn you about the version of QuickTime being too new. In Logger Pro 3.8.4, we detect the version of QuickTime installed before we launch the installer, and will only attempt to install QuickTime is your existing version is out of date.

This message is to inform you that the existing installation of QuickTime is newer than the version the Vernier installer would deliver, and so the installation of QuickTime is canceled. No harm is done, and the Vernier software will still be installed.

If you want to avoid seeing the message entirely, deselect the QuickTime option at the time of starting the Logger Pro installer before allowing the installation to continue.

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