You can use Bar Tape (TAPE) in several different ways:

  • Bar Tape can be used directly with Go Direct® Photogate (GDX-VPG)
  • Bar Tape can be used as replacement tape for Photogate Bar Tape Kit (TAPE-VPG), which includes an attachment for a Photogate (VPG-BTD).
  • You can cut the tape in sections and attach it to transparent material, like plastic. You can mount the tape on moving cars or carts to study their motion. Position the photogate so that it goes through the photogate beam as the cart or car moves.
  • Similarly, you can cut the tape in sections about 15 cm long and attach it to transparent material, such as plastic, to make a miniature “picket fence”. You can drop this clear plastic piece through a photogate to study free fall.
  • With a 1/2-inch PVC pipe that has a slit in it, let the tape go through it, using the PVC as a sort of guide. Position the PVC pipe so that it causes the tape to move through the beam of the photogate.
  • Bar tape can be used as an alternative to the old-fashioned ticker tape by building a special miniature photogate out of a plastic film canister to do the timing. This assembly is not necessary if you own a photogate, but you could use something like the film canister to make a guide to ensure the bar tape goes through the photogate at the right position.