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What is the difference between RAD-BTD and RCD-BTD, or the old and new radiation monitor cables?

There are two different radiation cables in circulation due to differences in radiation monitor design. They are not interchangeable, so only use the cable that came with your particular radiation monitor.

The cables can be distinguished easily, as the old BT Radiation Cable, order code RAD-BTD, $5 has a mono, two-conductor plug, while the new Cable for Digital Radiation Monitor, order code RCD-BTD, $10 has a stereo, or three-conductor plug.

The old cable was supplied with the Student Radiation Monitor, order code SRM-BTD and Radiation Monitor, order code RM-BTD, both of which are discontinued.

The new cable, supplied with the Digital Radiation Monitor, order code DRM-BTD, will allow the DRM to auto-ID with compatible interfaces. At this time only the LabQuest family can detect the DRM. LabPro will not detect the DRM-BTD, so it must be set up manually with LabPro.

The RCD-BTD cable was updated in June 2011 to support the SensorDAQ interface. Modified cables can be identified by a band of shrink-wrap tubing near the BTD connector. We will exchange cables with users who need the revised SensorDAQ-compatible cables.

The new version of the RCD-BTD cable works with the old, obsolete Student Radiation Monitor and will allow that sensor to autoID

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