Logger Pro 3 requires that the LabPro internal software be version 6.26 or newer. If a LabPro was purchased before 2003 (approximately) the internal OS will be older.

The first time an older LabPro is connected to Logger Pro 3, Logger Pro 3 will try to update the internal software. This is normal, and needs to be done only once.

Unfortunately, there is a bug in Logger Pro 3.7 (only) whereby Logger Pro will crash immediately on starting this update. When this happens, LabPro will not have been updated. Remove power to LabPro, wait ten seconds, and reapply power.

If the LabPro beeps four times (sad beeps), contact Vernier technical support, or update the LabPro operating system using a TI Graph Link cable as described at:

If the LabPro beeps six times (happy beeps) as usual, proceed with instructions here.

1. Obtain a copy of the current Logger Pro 3 release, which will be 3.8 or newer. The free update is available at:
2. Install the new version of Logger Pro and connect LabPro.
3. Accept the update to the LabPro OS.