Here is what you will need for each bumper…

  • light-weight metal band* — 12 inches long and ~3/8 inches wide
  • drill with 1/8 inch drill bit (for drilling through metal)
  • tape – duct, electrical, or masking tape
  • 1 inch, 6-32 thread machine bolt
  • washer that fits your bolt
  • 2 nuts that fit your bolt

Here is how to build it…

  1. Drill a 1/8 inch hole 1 inch from each end of the metal band. 
  2. Bend your metal to form a circle aligning the drilled holes.
  3. Place the washer on the bolt, then place the bolt, head side inside the circle, though the aligned holes.
  4. Use one nut to secure the bolt to the hoop. 
  5. Tape down the overlap ends of the “hoop” to help the hoop keep its shape when compressed.  
  6. Place the second nut on the bolt as it will be used to tighten the hoop to the force sensor without having to loosen the nut that is holding the hoop together.

Don’t what to make your own?

You can purchase our bumpers – see Hoop Bumpers for Bumper and Launcher Kit (HOOPS-BLK)

*The metal needs to be flexible enough to be able to easily form a 10 inch circle without permanently deforming the metal.