Logger Pro files can be saved to the LabQuest platform using the LabQuest Browser in Logger Pro. In general, only features of the Logger Pro file that are supported by the LabQuest App will be transferred. For example, the data collection mode and settings will be transferred to LabQuest App, but a video analysis session will not be transferred.

Calculated columns in general will transfer only if the exact form exists in the LabQuest App. As a result a general polynomial will not transfer, but a column definition in the exact form as a LabQuest App calculated column will work. This includes columns with arguments such as derivative(“Position”,”Time”).

Spaces in formulas are ignored by Logger Pro, but they will cause LabQuest App to be unable to parse the expression. Remove any spaces before saving the Logger Pro file to the LabQuest.

To move a file from Logger Pro to LabQuest, open the file in Logger Pro. Using the LabQuest Browser (found in the file menu) choose Save As… You will see a dialog showing the files and folders on your LabQuest. Enter a file name, and click Save. The file will be saved to your LabQuest.