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How do I connect my Davis Weather station to the internet?

There are two basic approaches. The easiest way to do it is to use WeatherLinkIP:

You can also purchase WeatherLinkIP from us: Davis WeatherLinkIP, order code DWLINK-IP, $295

We use WeatherLinkIP at the Vernier office (see: It was simple to set up and allows you to go straight from the Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station, order code DWVP, $650 or Davis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station, order code DWVUE, $450 to an ethernet socket--no computer is necessary.

After you have set up WeatherLinkIP, it is also fairly easy--and free--to have your weather data automatically transferred to Weather Underground. For the Vernier data, see

To learn more about the Weather Underground Personal Weather Station Network, visit

The other approach is use the Davis weather station with Davis WeatherLink for Windows, order code DWL-PCU, $165 (Windows computers) or Davis WeatherLink for Mac OS X, order code DWL-MAC, $165 (Mac computers), and then devise your own system for displaying the data on the internet. This can be complicated to set up because it often involves a lot of IT and firewall issues, and you may also need to write your own program to display the data as you want it displayed. We used this method in the past, but because of the ease of WeatherLinkIP, we will never do it again.

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