Different versions of LabQuest have different internal sensors available. The Internal Microphone (all models) and Internal Temperature (original LabQuest and LabQuest 2) can be used as sensors with our Logger Pro software.

These internal sensors cannot be used as sensors in Logger Pro—GPS (LabQuest 2 and LabQuest 3), 3-axis Acceleration Sensors and Light sensor (LabQuest 2).

1. Verify that your computer has a version of that works with your model LabQuest
Original LabQuest—Logger Pro 3.7 or newer
LabQuest 2—Logger Pro 3.8.5 or newer
LabQuest 3—Logger Pro 3.16.1 or newer

Logger Pro Updates are available on our web site at:

2. Connect the LabQuest to the computer via the USB cable and open Logger Pro.

3. Within Logger Pro, go to the Experiment menu, select Set up Sensors, then select the LabQuest.

4. The LabQuest sensor set up window will open, and you can select to add either the internal microphone or the internal temperature sensor.

Note the you cannot use any internal sensors when using a LabQuest as your an interface with Graphical Analysis or Graphical Analysis Pro.

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