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Can I use LabQuest's internal temperature and microphone sensors when connected to the computer?

To use the internal temperature or microphone sensor when connected to the computer, do the following:

1. Verify that your computer has Logger Pro 3.7 or newer, and that your LabQuest has LabQuest App 1.2 or newer.
Updates are available on our web site at:

2. Connect the LabQuest to the computer via the USB cable and open Logger Pro.

3. Within Logger Pro, go to the Experiment menu, select Set up Sensors, then select the LabQuest.
4. The LabQuest sensor set up window will open, and you can select to add either the internal microphone or the internal temperature sensor.

The internal Light, Acceleration, and GPS sensors can not be connected to Logger Pro in this way.

TIL 2738: The internal microphone on LabQuest 2 does not collect data at the expected rate.

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