Yes, you can get LoggerPro to display heart rate while you are recording EKG data. If you set up a calculated column and use the default Beats Per Minute settings on the EKG channel, you should get decent heart rate data displayed in real time. If the EKG signal is noisy, try taking the derivative of the EKG data using a calculated channel. Then use the Beats Per Minute function to report heart rate from the derivative of the EKG data. The derivative of the EKG will produce a large time locked spike that coincides with the QRS complex of the EKG. See the attached file for examples of how to do this from raw EKG traces and from the derivative of the EKG. Its best if a 15 or 30 second window is used to calculate heart rate from the EKG.

Download HRECGsettings.cmbl Logger Pro file