When you save a file from the LabQuest App, the file name will end in .qmbl. The LabQuest App can open .qmbl files to display the experiment results. These files can be moved to a computer using an SD card (original LabQuest and LabQuest 2 only) or a USB flash drive.

To open the qmbl file on a computer, you will need to use either Logger Lite or Logger Pro. In Logger Pro 3.8 or newer, you can simply double-click the qmbl file and Logger Pro will open it.

Similarly, Logger Lite versions 1.5 and newer can open a .qmbl file. If you only have Logger Lite 1.4 installed, you will need to edit the file name so that it ends with .gmbl. This allows the computer to open the file with Logger Lite. You will need to change settings on your computer if the .qmbl extension is not visible.

Note that you can also open qmbl files saved to the LabQuest’s internal memory using Logger Pro or Logger Lite by connecting the LabQuest to the computer and choosing LabQuest Browser–>Open from the Logger Pro or Logger Lite File menu.