Yes. There are many makes and models of kinds of interactive white boards. The basic idea is that the white board that teachers normally write on can be used as both a screen for projecting the computer screen, but also becomes interactive. That is, the teacher can pull down menus by tapping on the screen. They can also select regions on a graph, or move the examine cursor to read values off the graph.

The details of setting up the board vary by company and model. We have worked most closely with Promethean, and Logger Pro is certified as Promethean-friendly. Teachers have also used Vernier products with Smartboards, Steelcase, and many other brands.

Chances are that if the board can work with your computer, then Vernier programs look like just another piece of software to the whiteboard.

To Logger Pro or LabQuest Viewer, tapping the board should function just like a computer mouse.

Many new model interactives whiteboards act as their own computer, rather than connecting to the teacher computer. In these cases, it is important to make sure that you use the version of the app that works with the device operating system. For example, some new Promethean boards run Android and will need the Android version of Graphical Analysis 4. All versions of Graphical Analysis 4 are available for free at:

Android-based Promethean boards must satisfy all Android requirements to run Graphical Analysis. In particular we have found that updates are needed. See Graphical Analysis on Android launches to a white screen.