We have done some testing to see how much current is drawn by the LabQuest charging station. Below are some data. Note: All these tests were done at 120V AC in the U.S.

– When the charging station is plugged in, but no units are charging, the current drawn is 0.00 A.

– When 4 LabQuests are charging, we find the charging station draws about 0.06 A. The draw is the same regardless of if the LabQuests are nearly dead or close to being fully charged. Note: If the four LabQuests are left on while charging (which they should not be), the charging station draws about 0.16 A.

– When all 4 LabQuests are fully charged, the current draw returns to 0.00 A.

– The rating on the power supply to the charging station is 0.8 A. The engineers say that is much higher to take care of surge currents.