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OHAUS balance Troubleshooting and FAQs

OHAUS Scout® 220 g, order code OHS-222, $439
OHAUS Scout® 420 g, order code OHS-422, $599
OHAUS Scout® 120 g, order code OHS-123, $589

The following OHAUS balances are discontinued but still supported in software by Vernier Software & Technology:

Scout Pro 0.01 g Balance (200 g), order code OHSP-202
Scout Pro 0.01 g Balance (400 g), order code OHSP-402
Scout Pro 0.001 g Balance (120 g), order code OHSP-123
Ohaus Adventurer Pro 0.001 g Balance (300 g), order code OHAP-313
Ohaus Adventurer Pro 0.0001 g Balance (110 g), order code OHAP-114

Related Products

For OHAUS Scout balances, use OHAUS Scout® USB Cable, order code OHS-USB, $105
Logger Pro 3, order code LP, $249

For OHAUS Scout Pro balances, use Scout Pro USB Connection Kit, order code OHSP-USB, $151

-Primary Test: Plug in the balance and run the data-collection program. The software should automatically identify the balance and start reading live mass values.
-Secondary Test: Reset the data collection software by either starting a New File or quitting and restarting the program.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
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