Logger Lite is Vernier Software’s free data-collection software designed for use in K-8. It works very well for basic data collection. If you are doing more complex analysis or collecting data with certain sensors, you should use our full-featured software, Logger Pro® 3 (LP).

If you are deciding whether to use Logger Lite or Logger Pro, below you will find a list that will help you in your decision.

Logger Lite DOES NOT support the following:

  • DCU
  • Drop Counter
  • Photogate
  • Power Amplifier
  • Radiation Monitor
  • Rotary Motion Sensor
  • Motion Encoder System
  • Mini GC and Mini GC Plus Gas Chromatograph

Interfaces and Devices
Logger Lite supports the following interfaces/devices:

  • LabQuest Stream
  • LabQuest 2
  • Original LabQuest
  • LabQuest Mini
  • LabPro
  • Go! devices

Logger Lite DOES NOT support the following interfaces/devices:

  • LabQuest 3
  • Ohaus balances
  • Spectrometers
  • GPS
  • Watts Up
  • WDSS
  • ProScope

Data-Collection Modes
Logger Lite supports the following modes:

  • Time-based
  • Events with Entry

Logger Lite DOES NOT support the following modes:

  • Manual Data Entry
  • Selected Events
  • Digital Events
  • Full Spectrum

Logger Lite includes the following features:

  • Graph matching
  • Draw prediction
  • Linear curve fits

Experiment Templates
Logger Lite provides the experiment templates used with the following lab books:

  • Earth Science with Vernier
  • Elementary Science with Vernier
  • Investigating Temperature with Vernier
  • Middle School Science with Vernier
  • Physical Science with Vernier

Logger Lite DOES NOT include the following:

  • Modeling
  • Video Analysis
  • Curve fits (except linear curve fits)
  • Interpolating, tangents, integral, etc.
  • Photo, gel, or video analysis
  • Data Sharing (broadcast data to mobile devices)
  • Calculated columns
  • User parameters
  • FFT or Strip charts
  • Remote data collection
  • Import data from LabPro or LabQuest
  • Adding off-line interface

Additional Differences

  • Logger Lite has a switch button that allows you to switch between degrees F and degrees C
  • Logger Lite lacks some accessibility features found in Logger Pro.