Live readouts in Logger Pro sometimes make it difficult to create meters that work after a run is complete.

For example, if you create a column that reads the maximum of a sensor column, you can easily create a meter that shows this readout. But, after data collection is complete, the meter no longer shows the maximum value, since live readouts are now in effect.

One way to display a maximum value after a run is complete is to use the data table as the meter. Define a calculated column with your max function. If you like, hide all but the calculated column in the data table. Make the text in the data table larger as well, to serve as a highly-visible meter.

Both during and after data collection, the data table will display the maximum value during the run.

If you store the run, the table will continue to show the maximum value in that run.

This same method can be used to create persistent readouts for any statistic that creates a single value at the top of the column, such as average, minimum, etc.