Our Power Amplifier will not be automatically recognized by either LabQuest App or Logger Pro. To use it and control the output you need to follow the instructions below.

If you are using the LabQuest App (no computer), you want to use the built-in Power Amplifier application. Choose the Power Amplifier app from the LabQuest Home menu. The Power Amplifier app will give you controls to set the output signal’s frequency, waveform, and amplitude. You can also run the LabQuest app at the same time, if you like, to collect data.

If you want to use the Power Amplifier when connected to a LabPro or LabQuest interface with a computer, use Logger Pro 3.8 or newer. Select Set Up Sensors, or click on the LabQuest icon on the left of the toolbar. Then click on the Power Amplifier button. This gives you controls to set the output (frequency, waveform, amplitude).