LabQuest Mini gets its power through the computer’s USB port and does not contain a battery pack. It has a port for external AC power, but would be very rare that external power would be needed.

However, depending on the computer and what other USB devices are connected, there may be configurations that limit how much power is available to the USB devices. Such configurations may include having too many other devices that require USB power connected at the same time, or having an underpowered USB tree. You may receive a warning from the computer that it cannot provide enough power for the LabQuest Mini. If this happens, you will need to disconnect other USB devices, connect to a powered USB hub, or use an external supply for the LabQuest Mini. LabQuest® Power Supply (LQ3-PS)

Power supply specifications:

  • Input
    • 100-240 Volts AC
    • 50-60 HZ
    • 0.5 A
  • Output
    • 5V DC
    • 1500 mA – 2500 mA
    • Center Positive