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How do I transfer a Logger Pro file containing a movie or image to another computer?

When a movie or image is inserted to a Logger Pro file, Logger Pro makes a link to the media file. When the Logger Pro file is saved, a copy of the movie or image is always saved to the same location. This is the only way to make Logger Pro write out a permanent copy of the video file.

If you want to use the Logger Pro file on a different computer, first save the Logger Pro file. Then, transfer both the Logger Pro .cmbl file and linked movies and images found in the same folder.

When a .cmbl file containing a link to a video is opened, Logger Pro will first look for the movie in the location in which it was originally saved. If that fails, it will look for a file of the same name in the same folder as the Logger Pro .cmbl file. If that file is not available, you will see a white square prompting you to double-click to browse for the movie.

Opening the file by double clicking on the .cmbl file directly (as opposed to opening Logger Pro and then opening the file) can also help Logger Pro find the associated movie.

Note: During video capture, Logger Pro saves video files to temporary folders. However, you cannot count on retrieving the files from these folders after capture, because Logger Pro cleans up the temporary folders frequently. If you want to save a video, save the current Logger Pro session as a .cmbl file (using Save As... from the File menu).

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