You can install magnets in the Adjustable End Stop (AS-VDS) so that dynamics carts elastically bounce off the End Stop at low speeds. But the magnets must be installed in a certain orientation to work as intended. To install magnets in the adjustable end stop, use the following procedure.

  1. Remove the teardrop from the end stop.
  2. Insert the silver magnet (supplied with the end stop) into the teardrop, oriented so that the outside of the teardrop will attract the south-pointing end of a compass needle.
  3. Insert a foam plug (supplied with the end stop) into the teardrop.
  4. Re-insert the tear drop into the end stop and fasten the screw.

If you like, test by holding the compass near the cart or stop, in the same position as an approaching cart, and verify that the south-pointing end of the compass is attracted to the cart.

Note: Our older, green, aluminum, VDS carts all came with magnets, foam plugs, teardrop inserts, and a hex key to remove and replace the screw holding the teardrop to the cart end; you can follow the same procedure to install magnets in those carts.

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