Vernier pH sensors are not designed to be stored dry, but our sensors are pretty tough and the pH sensors can survive being stored dry for a short period of time. Please do the following to test a pH sensor:

  1. Start the data-collection program on your device.
  2. Connect the sensor to your device, using an interface if necessary.
  3. Pour ~50 mL of pH 4 buffer into a small beaker. If you don’t have pH 4 buffer, use regular grocery store vinegar (pH = ~2.5). Remove the storage bottle and cap from the pH sensor and place the sensor in the beaker of liquid so it is immersed an inch or two in the liquid.
  4. Check the pH reading. If it is close to the known pH of the liquid, or anywhere below 7, then you can probably revive the sensor. If the reading is higher than 7, then the sensor is probably so weak that it can’t be revived. If the reading is ~13.6, then the sensor is dead and needs to be replaced.

To revive a probe that has been stored dry, but doesn’t appear to be dead, see
The pH electrode I have been using no longer seems to work or is slow to respond. Is there anything I can do to fix it?